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Protect Your Summer Camp Investment

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Consider Camp Insurance

Fri, 02/23/2024 - 12:34


What happens to a camper and your summer camp investment if... 

  • A parent loses their job?
  • A camper breaks a leg or comes down the flu before the program begins?
  • A camper requires medical evacuation home?
  • A parent or close family member becomes seriously ill?

We strongly advise that you protect your program investment and purchase an insurance plan that will cover your camper if they become unable to join us at camp this summer.

We recommend reaching out to our 3rd party insurance partners at Travmark Insurance (contact agent Mark Ceslowitz at to disucss options for insuring your camp tuition. NOTE: Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) plans may require purchse within 7-21 days of paying a trip deposit. Insurace may include coverage for program cancellation or interruption (to reimburse you should you have to cancel or interrupt your program for a covered medical or non-medical reason), medical expenses and emergency assistance or evacuation (to cover medical expenses and emergency transportation for a sickness or injury that occurs while you are traveling) and baggage/personal effects and more. If seeking general coverage, you may secure the insurance anytime prior to the camp start date.

REAL SCENARIOS (that we hope don't happen again!) 

1) The night before camp started, a parent called in and let us know that her daughter had the flu, was vomiting and contagious and could not attend, she had to cancel her camp attendance.

2) During camp, a camper stumbled on a rock while hiking and injured her knee, she was taken for a doctors evaluation during camp by camp staff and it was determined she could not participate in upcoming camp activities (a multi-day horseback riding pack trip) - she returned home early from camp.

3) Upon arrival to camp, a camper arrived with a fever of 101 and felt tired with slight nausea and body aches, she returned home for care.


Campers are required to be healthy upon arrival to camp. They must arrive at camp physically and mentally healthy, with the ability to participate in all camp activities, and without communicable illness or disease. Due to living, eating and sleeping in close proximity at camp, we must start with and maintain a healthy environment for the group. Because of the wilderness-based nature of Alpengirl's adventures, there are no base camp facilities nor extra health care staff hired to care for campers who are ill or injured and unable to participate in daily camp activities.

Upon registering a camper, parents agree to contact Alpengirl if any medical or health condition changes occur before the start of the camp session which might affect the camper's ability to join us, fully participate at camp, or that might affect others in the group.

Read more about Medical Care & Wilderness First Aid at Alpengirl - on this webpage you can read about the health benefits of camp, stay at home guidelines, camper health screening, sick/injured campers at camp, and staff outdoor medicine certifications.