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Majestic Alpengirls!

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Camper Shout Out - You Rock!

Sun, 07/25/2021 - 14:37

Centennial Mountains SW MontanaCamper Highlights from Majestic Big Sky Alpenguides (Ellie, Anna, Natalie):

Ally and Isabelle were both very tentative about horseback riding but by the end were trotting fast past the rest of the group!

Amelia had a great time in Yellowstone, she made sure to give every “unnamed” geyser a name to make sure they all felt included.

Makhya wowed the entire group with her jive dance, enough to win the alpenolympic talent show! Great job to Makhya!

Nissa was a great leader of the day while driving through Yellowstone, she kept everyone entertained  with the music and passing the snacks around as we saw the sights.

Ramona showed her determination when she tried a rock climbing route yesterday a couple of times, and was finally able to finish right at the end!

Evy was very proud of herself when she was able to finish both climbing routes that were set up, the easier and the hard route.

Olivia has been very helpful around camp, she is always asking how she can help the guides, especially with clean up time, her pitching in is always appreciated by the guides!

Avery was very animated and expressed her comedic side during our alpenolympic talent show. Many laughs from all around!

During the long horseback riding day, Alexa kept spirits high by singing and dancing while on her horse, she was always a beam of light even when everyone was getting tired.

Paige was very excited but nervous about rock climbing, and she ~rocked~ it. She was very tentative at first but ended up being one of the few to finish the route!

We have had such a great few days since the backpacking trip. Weather has always been in our favor and the girls are all getting along great! After rock climbing yesterday, everyone got to soak in the Yellowstone Hot Springs, the best cure for sore muscles!

Today is our last day, the girls are well rested after a night out under the stars. We are heading into Bozeman for laundry, souvenir shopping and of course ICE CREAM! Next up... our awards ceremony and pizza party, then heading to sleep for our final evening camping together.