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Camper & Parent Reviews of Alpengirl Camp

The leaders at camp were vital, considering the fact that they taught us various things, from yoga to setting up a tent to branching out our friendships. Most importantly, the Alpenguides had a very big passion for helping each of us out. If one of us had a problem, they would talk to us to optimize our camp experience. They noticed the things that were important. I had a great time backpacking, hiking, and camping at Alpengirl and I couldn't have enjoyed myself nearly as much without any of the 13 others at camp.

~ Eliza (Illinois)

Hannah had an excellent time on the Montana trip! She loved her guides and the group of girls. She said the food was excellent and she has prepared us a couple of Alpengirl meals. She has found a new love for hiking and camping. We went camping for 3 days and she was a wealth of knowledge right down to the proper way to spit when you brush your teeth.

~ Carol (Big Sky, Montana)

Three of my favorite summers were spent hiking, kayaking, and canoeing with Alpengirl! I can't think of three experiences which impacted me as much as Alpengirl where I found my love for the outdoors, for travel, and for new experiences. I owe a big thanks to my counselors, my fellow Alpengirls, and the outdoors for these trips. I would recommend Alpengirl with more stars than five if it were possible!

~ Cassie (London, UK)

Heather came back from the trip beaming with confidence! She seems to feel more comfortable in her teenage skin. She is constantly getting comments on how healthy and tone she came back. Your philosophy and small family/like group has given her a sense of self worth and self esteem that a large "camp" cannot touch. Thank you for having such a great program.

~ Ron (Portland, Maine)

Hi I’m Margaux, I’m from Puerto Rico and I’m 17 years old, my first year at Alpengirl I was 12 years old. I traveled to Montana my first year all alone and i had no idea what I was expecting when I got to the airport. When i got there I met my group and I was really shy. None of us knew eachother and we were really quiet at first. But then the guides made a “get to know you game”. It was really fun. By the 3rd day we were all best friends. I had so many good adventures at Alpengirl, things that I had never done before, this camp was so amazing that I decided to go the next year and make new friends, some of them I didn't know and some of them I had met the last year. I loved the guides they were really fun. They would always show us how to live well in the wilderness and how to stay safe. We learned how to build fires, set up shelters and camp under the stars. One of the things that I loved was that if we had a rainy day and it looked like it was going to be a bad day, the guides made sure that it was the best day, I never got bored in this camp. I learned so much, my English got so much better and I learned how to be confident. I’m so happy that I chose this camp, if you want to go to an all girls camp I promiss you that Alpengirl is the best decision!

~ Margaux (Cayey, Puerto Rico)

Nora has been home over a week and is still talking about her great adventure. She has her heart set on a return next summer and a long-term goal of becoming a counselor. We're thrilled for her and grateful to Alpengirl for providing her with such a self-affirming venue. Nora didn't return home "changed" so much as she came home more fully and comfortably herself. This is a girl with a growing sense of wonderlust who has always been game for new challenges. How great for her to find adults living that life and sharing it with her and like-minded girls. Simply put, Nora's Alpengirl adventure let her see, without a doubt, that as she steps out she not only can trust her own path and growing sure-footedness, but there are wonderful girls (and adults) waiting to join her.

~ Deb (San Francisco, California)

I returned home from my GREAT summer with Alpengirl and on the first day of school, I noticed I was much more confident and felt SO much better about myself. Thank you for the boost!

~ Amanda (Washington)

No words can describe how pleased we are with the adventures our daughter had at your camp in Montana. Melisa came home so happy and filled with exciting stories of all the fun she had. Your camp reinforced her feelings of self esteem, awareness and team work. All the girls on her trip sounded wonderful. I feel like I have a new daughter! Thank you for taking on this incredible adventure with these girls. Keep up the good work, a great review!

~ Jacqueline (Albany, New York)

I came back to Alpengirl to make new friends. Coming back to Alpengirl is a big thing to me. I get so close to the guides and campers and always stay in touch. It's important to have good bonds with people and Alpengirl gives you that - every trip. I came back to Alpengirl for the experience. That once-in-a-lifetime experience you get more than once!

~ Coconut (Missouri)

Our daughter, Linnea has attended 3 Alpengirl camps and thoroughly enjoyed them all! She has made many friends from the three camps that she still keeps in touch with on a regular basis. Every time we picked her up from the airport after a camp, she has been full of stories of fun, friendship, adventure, cooking, yoga, dance parties and leadership! Thanks to Alpengirl and all of the leaders for a wonderful outdoor experience for the girls!

~ Kristy (Richland, Washington)

Yoga. When most people hear that word, they think of calm and flexibility. In Alpengirl, we strive for those two qualities, but at the same time try not to fall asleep mid-posture, which I have seen people do. We laugh and have fun.

~ Sara (North Carolina)

I really can't say enough positive things about the Alpengirl experience from a parent's perspective! My daughter started with Alpengirl at age 12, flying across the country to get to Montana. She experienced the beautiful outdoors for two solid weeks, gaining an appreciation for nature and adventure that we couldn't have given her. She made great friendships, learned leadership, gained tremendous self-confidence and self-esteem. She was more active than ever before in her life, and to this day continues to be both active and a healthy eater. I would highly encourage any parent to send their daughter to Alpengirl!

~ Marlene (Boston, Massachusetts)

I thought it was really cool how the Alpenguides taught the campers outdoor cooking. It gave me a chance to improve my cooking skills. It was sweet of the guides to get up every morning and make breakfast. I know it helped to start my day better. The meals that were made were really healthy and nourishing, but also had great taste. I was really glad that we weren't fed lots of sweets because I noticed without the sweets I was much less tired and more refreshed. These two weeks I not only learned great physical activities, but also what a great meal can do for you!

~ Karen (Alaska)

My daughter Emma went to Alpengirl at age 11. She is almost 17 now and still talking about it. I found the staff to be extremely personable, responsible and authentic. We live in Texas and I sent Emma all the way to Washington to do the camp and she didn't even know anyone. She loved it and grew confident in her relational and camping skills as well. Now Emma would like to be a leader of the camps one day. My other daughter Grace, 13 next month, went to Alpengirl in Montana last summer. Another gold medal experience!! She still wears her Alpengirl t-shirt at least once a week to school! Alissa and her crew are irreplaceable!

~ Julie (Houston, Texas)

Alpengirl will forever be a special milestone in our daughter's life. Ella loves the friendships she makes, the fun she has with the girls and guides, the adventurous things they get to do, leader of the day, beautiful scenery, music in the vans. She has participated for two summers and both times she just came home beaming from the empowering, fun experience.

~ Jessica (Seattle, WA)